About us

The OZ - youth office in Magyarkanizsa successfully applied for the "smart city" tender of the  ministry entrusted with technical developments and embracing innovations. With this, an investment of not less than twenty million dinars could be realized in our village with state funding.

Since information technology permeates almost all areas of our lives, there is a significant demand in the labor markets both in Serbia and abroad. The young people in this sector also mostly study and work abroad, even though IT is the area where remote work and distance learning can be implemented most easily. The dreamers of OZ-SMART OFFICE were primarily inspired by the fact that it motivates young people to stay in their homeland by providing programming and other IT training and the conditions for remote work.

One of the main goals of the office is the so-called Bootcamps, that is, the organization of targeted intensive programming courses, where the participants can acquire practical knowledge in a few months, with which they can find jobs.

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